Tablet Love

I love the TabletPC. One reason is that, like many writers, I have an abiding love for the physical act of putting pen to paper (or, for the past 18 months, pen to screen). I have a few “nice” pens, a couple Mont Blancs, two Watermans, and I use those for writing letters, not emails, […]

Sonar-Based Auto-Discovery

I was thinking about Loren’s concept of a virtual array-microphone on my  walk this morning. I was breaking it down into simplest cases and came  up with an interesting software idea.   The simplest case is locating a tone-generator on a straight line between  two mikes, right? The difference between the sine waves is directly  […]

Mono Beta 1 Release

The Mono team has announced the beta 1 release of Mono. Read the release notes here or download here. via [Cook Computing] < p class=ngrelatedlinks align=left> Have you tried Mono? Do you think that it’s an important project, a sideshow, or somehow negative (e.g., “All that effort shouldn’t be put into an evil language like […]

Is the ACM Shilling for Sun?

As part of the ACM, one receives free unlimited access to the ACM Professional Development Centre. The PD Centre is hosted at the Sun Learning Center (the “centre” at the “center”) and to say that it’s Sun-centric is an understatement (they have recently added 5 courses on .NET fundamentals, but compare that to 77 courses on Solaris, […]