According To Cringelynbspthanks Chris Suns Jonat

According to Cringely (thanks, Chris!), Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz talks up the Windows API as key to “interoperability” aspects of the MS-Sun agreement. If true (and apparently this is straight from the horse’s mouth), Cringely is right to say “…what Sun has actually obtained from Microsoft (beyond the money, of course) is less than nothing.” Frankly, the thought of […]

James Gosling Blogs About The SunMicrosoft Agreement Its An Interest

James Gosling blogs about the Sun-Microsoft agreement. It’s an interesting read in that Gosling rebuts conspiracy theories that are apparently bouncing around the echo-chamber of the “M$” mob (as a rule, I don’t bother reading discussions where that “witticism” is common currency — as much as I love the amateur programming community, I’m really only interested […]