Lonestar, the alpha version of the forthcoming update to the Tablet PC OS, is amazing

I normally like to be quite specific when reviewing software, and I’m still under NDA regarding Lonestar, but I can make some general comments safely: the handwriting recognition in Lonestar is transforming the way I write. It’s a combination of three things: dramatic improvements in handwriting recognition (I doubt many people could read my cursive […]

RealMerit RealNetworks Allege That From October 2001 To March

RealMerit? RealNetworks allege that “From October 2001 to March 2003, for example, Microsoft’s ‘tying’ ensured that Windows Media Player was preinstalled on about 95 percent of PCs shipped…RealNetworks’ digital media player was preinstalled on less than 2 percent….Microsoft used contractual restrictions and financial incentives to ‘force PC makers to accept Windows PC operating systems with […]

Jeroen is my hero

Jeroen Frijters wrote a C# program that displays an artificial horizon on his new Thinkpad T41p by reverse-engineering the IOCTL that corresponds to the data provided by the built-in accelerometer in his T41p.  via [iunknown.com] I think he should “take it to the next level” and write a video game that involves rolling virtual marbles around […]

InfoPath And XAML The Scales Fell Off My Eyes This Morning When I Was Answering An Email To My Recent SD Times Articl

InfoPath and XAML The scales fell off my eyes this morning when I was answering an email to my recent SD Times article discussing InfoPath. I wrote that column before the PDC and hadn’t really thought about it since (it’s mostly a criticism of InfoPath’s licensing model). But now I see the obvious: if InfoPath […]