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Great White Shark kills diver: No news. Diver kills Great White Shark: news. Politically correct disclaimer: Sharks are magnificent, beautiful creatures and I treasure opportunities to dive with them. I bow to no one in my appreciation of the squalus. A live shark is better than a dead shark. But in terms of sheer “Kids, […]

Dare Obasanjo And Jon Udell Are Fencing Combat Was Joined With Jons A Hrefhttpwebloginfoworldcomudell20031031h

Dare Obasanjo and Jon Udell are fencing. Combat was joined with Jon’s coinage of the phrase “replace-and-defend” to criticize the seemingly disruptive technologies being used in Longhorn, such as the use of a new schema language (rather than W3C XML Schema) to describe the metadata that is the source of WinFS’ promised mojo. Dare’s parries […]

Being run over by the Cluetrain

Randy Holloway talks about Microsoft blogs and improved direct access changing the communication chain via [The Scobleizer Weblog] With the whole gamut of Internet-based communication (Websites, newsgroups and mailing lists, Google, email, and blogs), the typical path between technical question and answer has become much more direct. Was a time when a technical question might have to wait […]