Single User Source Control

Many people have asked us for a single-user SourceGear Vault license at a very-low-cost….The Single User Edition of Vault is now available at a cost of $49….Why would anyone want to use source control on a team of one?….It’s an undo mechanism….It’s a historical archive….It’s a reference point for diff….It’s a backup….It’s a journal of my progress….It’s a […]

I Installed The PDC Longhorn Again Today Into VMWare Much Better Experience Used XP Pro As The OS For VMWare I Could Instal

I installed the PDC Longhorn again today into VMWare. Much better experience: used “XP Pro” as the OS for VMWare. I could install VMTools directly (all drivers gave a “Haven’t passed certification” warnings, which I ignored). Gave the VM 512MB RAM and 4GB drive; performance seems pretty darn okay on a 2.6GHz machine with a […]