Has Anyone Programmed Radio Userland Using C Or VBNET I Dont Want To Get Involved In Religious Wars About Blogging APIs

Has anyone programmed Radio Userland using C# or VB.NET? I don’t want to get involved in religious wars about blogging APIs, all I want is an example that shows how to create a blog post using .NET objects like HttpWebRequests. My first attempt just timed out and Google isn’t helping me, even though I know […]

Oh By The Way Can I Suggest A Lets Bash ClassAction Lawsuits Day I Just Received Some Notices From The CaliforniaMicrosoft

Oh, by the way, can I suggest a Let’s Bash Class-Action Lawsuits Day? I just received some notices from the California-Microsoft settlement: $1.1 billion dollars?, gee, maybe I’ll get some real money… let’s see… $16 for each Windows or MS-DOS operating system, $29 for each Office… oh, and if this is anything like other class-action […]

Your Tax Dollars At Work The Latest PC Magazine Reports Researchers At The US Department Of Energys Idaho National Engin

Your tax dollars at work: the latest PC Magazine reports “Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory have developed software that can detect extremely tiny differences — smaller than a fraction of a pixel — between two digital images….” Update: PC Mag’s description is wildly inaccurate. The INEEL “breakthrough” […]

All The Tablet Bloggers Are Pitching In Ideas For Microsofts Internal Power Toys Competition Its So Easy To Think

All the Tablet bloggers are pitching in ideas for Microsoft’s internal Power Toys competition (it’s so easy to think of software). Loren’s suggested a “snap on dwell” tool and Peter a “pen scrolling tool.” So my suggestion is that if you can’t pull off a fully customizable and skinnable tablet input panel (which, by the […]