Longer timeouts

The August CACM contains an article “Understanding email interaction increase organizational productivity” (not online) which finds that it takes about a minute to resume work after being interrupted by an email notification. Which is kind of problematic if you set your email to check for new mail every five minutes! So I’ve set my email […]

J# Skepticism

I’m skeptical about J#. via [Eric.Weblog()] I’m not. As I say in the current SD Times, the thing about J# is that it serves two very real niches: the bet-hedgers and the Java “pragmatic believers.” Bet-hedgers are those people who have decided not to jump to .NET, but who wish to keep their options open […]

Programming on a Tablet PC

  I’ve made a concerted effort to try programming in my “off hours” on the Tablet PC…in slate mode…without a keyboard…or external monitor. (Yeah, sounds crazy, but I really wanted to understand what it’s like.) How’s it going? It’s passable. via [Incremental Blogger]   Wow, not for me. I’ve worked with both a convertible and a […]

Someone’s spoofing me

F’ing A — I’ve begun receiving bounced email messages indicating that someone’s using my email address in the “From:” line of I-Worm.Sobig.f spams; you know, the one that says “re: Your application” and stuff like that. Is there any protocol for me sending out “No, no, that’s not me” emails or is it just something […]

PDC Gimmes

As I’d been hoping, Brad Abrams confirms that the gimmes at this year’s PDC will include: – Longhorn (Windows v.Next) – Whidbey (Visual Studio v.Next) – Yukon (SQL Server v.Next) I would’ve been pretty angry if we’d spent $1700 to go learn about these things, and then not been able to use it afterward. 🙂 […]