Also working today

< blockquote dir=”ltr” style=”MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px”> <a title=”” href=””” xmlns=””>Like Chris, I am also way behind on my presentation and a future article, so I am also working today. …via [Sam Gentile’s Blog] < p dir=”ltr”> Me, too. And what’s the common thread? Presentations and articles. Writing and talking can consume infinite effort; it’s something to be […]

Multi-University/Research Lectures

There are lots of lectures going on at Microsoft…many recorded talks online publicly at the Multi-University/Research Lectures project.  via [Curiosity is bliss] < p dir=”ltr”> Tell your boss you’re watching “<a class=”LECTURETITLE” title=”Increasing processor clock speeds along with microarchitectural innovation have led to a tremendous gap between processor and memory performance. Architects have primarily relied […]

Step Into Liquid

Somewhat disappointed by last night’s Marin premiere of “Step Into Liquid,” the surfing documentary whose original trailer was just about the best 5 minute film I’ve ever seen. The highlight of the trailer was a sequence in which the basso profoundo announcer says “And including…” (sea begins to rise) “…the much anticipated footage from…” (ocean is now […]