Data Point Once Upon A Time To Study The Performance Of Square Versus Jagged Arrays In NETnbspI Ported To C The

Data point: Once upon a time, to study the performance of square versus jagged arrays in .NET I ported to C# the source code of one of the benchmarks mentioned in the article “The NINJA project. CACM 44(10): 102-109 (2001).” I dug it out today and ran it against the latest version of Microsoft’s C# (7.10.3052.4), Mono […]

Kent Beck Interview

“dW: What do you think about software quality? Beck: I wish developers would consider the enormous consequences of their actions. When I got my driver’s license at 16, I was both elated and terrified; I had newfound freedom and responsibilities to go with it. Now, compare that feeling to when Microsoft sends me a new […]