Programmer salary surveys conflict, Gov. says long-term bright, applicants disagree

InfoWorld is reporting a second year of wages essentially flat, with “Developer”s making a median of $84,146. Software Development reports a huge post-2000 slowdown, with current compensation of $78,000 compared to 2000’s $95K. (SD’s survey goes to a much larger sample size than InfoWorld’s, but I’m not prepared to criticize anyone’s methodology.) Meanwhile, the United States […]

Do IDEs spoil beginners?

“IDEs are very powerful but….. (From Rahul Chaudhary’s Weblog) ” via [Artima Weblogs] One of the more controversial things in The Book Formerly Known As Thinking In C# is my “strong recommendation” not to use an IDE (specifically, Visual Studio) until at least one has reached the chapters on GUI programming, which are 3/4 of the […]