Getting ASPNET To Work In Radio Userlandgenerated Pages A Hrefhttpradiouserlandcomstorie

Getting ASP.NET to work in Radio Userland-generated pages.$8979 tells you how to change the file extension to .aspx The problem is that Radio Userland generates pages on the client-side, which are then FTP’ed up to the site, but you can’t configure Radio Userland’s file-naming conventions, so the site goes up as index.html, etc. So if […]

He Asked Me What I Had Learned In A Fivemonth Initial Experience With Agile Programming Wow So Many Things I

“He asked me what I had learned [in a five-month initial experience with Agile Programming]. Wow, so many things. I learned… that without a full-time Coach experienced in ATG, TDD was destined for failure. that architects need to be in the trenches on Agile projects. that pair programming and open workspaces are extremely powerful. that […]