"…I came up with three primary classifications for thinking about the UML: UmlAsSketch <> , UmlAsBlueprint <> , and UmlAsProgrammingLanguage <> ….one of the problems that I, and some others, are having with UML 2 is because there are many changes that have been introduced to increase its precision – changes that are primarily to […]

Platform or Plumbing

“Here’s a question I pose to blogspace: Is the .NET Framework a platform or just better plumbing for the underlying platform?“ via [Harry Pierson’s DevHawk Weblog] Although I think it makes sense to refer to it as “a platform” in most situations, in the context of this question, I definitely think it’s “just better plumbing.” […]

More on XML Entities

“….I don’t want behavior in my entity objects – I want to put that into stateless control objects.…” via [Harry Pierson’s DevHawk Weblog] After double-checking to make sure Harry’s isn’t a J2EE blog, I’ve got to ask: Is this structure (stateless session / control objects, stateful entity objects without behavior) accepted by all as the universal route […]