Yesterday I Had A Good Meeting With Cory Linton And Other Members Of Microsofts Tablet PC SDK A Tablet SDK 15 Is Now A H

Yesterday, I had a good meeting with Cory Linton and other members of Microsoft’s Tablet PC SDK. A Tablet SDK 1.5 is now available on MSDN. The major additions are a PenInputPanel which pops up a dedicated input window very near a normal WinForm control, which should allow for very fast porting / creation of form-centric applications, and […]

Open Source Code Better Than Commercial Quality According To A Study By Reasoning Software Heres

Open Source code better than commercial quality. According to a study by Reasoning software (here’s a link, but it’s down at the moment), Linux’ 2.4.19 implementation of the TCP/IP stack ran around .1 defect per 1,000 lines of code (which we’ll assume means executable semi-colons), compared to 5 commercial OS’s (at least 2 of which […]

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Microsoft has filed broad patents covering the .NET API. It appears that they are attempting to patent the relationships between namespaces (client programming versus XML manipulation versus network transport, etc.). At this broad level, the patent should be rejected on the basis that the particular separation of concerns noted is obvious “to one of ordinary […]