The Future Is Not Objects Managage Code Is Languageneutral Rightnbsp Nonbsp Rig

The future is not objects Managage code is language-neutral, right?  No!  Right now the CLI is very much tilted in favor of Object-Oriented languages (C++, C#, VB, Java).  This is fine for now, but looking around the computing landscape leads me to a hypothesis: Hypothesis: The interesting programming models in the next three years are not going […]

Im Trying To Stretch The Definition Of Holiday Season Over The Weekend As An Excuse For Hacking Up An XBack Serve

I’m trying to stretch the definition of “holiday season” over the weekend as an excuse for hacking up an xBack server for .NET that works with intermittently-connected Radio clients (the cool thing about Radio Userland is that it runs locally on your work machine and uploads static HTML pages to your generic server). Writing the […]