John Lam Has Written A Crosslanguage Weaver For Adding Aspect

John Lam has written a cross-language “weaver” for adding aspects (as in aspect-oriented programming) into .NET languages. Aspects allow one to compose behavior based on the method signature of a target program. In that sense, they’re similar to .NET’s native attributes. The difference is that attribute behavior is restricted to programs that interpret that attribute, […]

Just Met With Ed Kaim And Melissa Hovis Of Microsoft And Waggener Edstrom To Discuss The NET Compact Framework Without Viol

Just met with Ed Kaim and Melissa Hovis of Microsoft and Waggener Edstrom to discuss the .NET Compact Framework. Without violating NDA, I can say that it is my opinion that post-desktop form factors such as phone-enabled handhelds (especially with GPS or E911 location info) and tablets represent a huge market for innovative applications (the […]